3 September 2021 – Rockwash Geodata and Stratum Reservoir process 500,000th cuttings sample as part of the NOROG Released Wells Initiative

After being awarded the contract to deliver the NOROG Released Wells Initiative in 2019, Rockwash Geodata, alongside project partner Stratum Reservoir, have now hit a major project milestone, completing the processing for the 500,000th cuttings sample.

The NOROG Released Wells Initiative is a Norwegian industry-led project, which is endeavouring to wash and digitalise every available cuttings sample from all exploration and appraisal wells drilled on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. It is expected that the project deliverables will comprise data from over 700,000 samples and approximately 1,900 wells in total.

Having now completed analysis on over half a million samples, the project is now reaching its final stages with a final project completion date expected in spring 2022. Over 2 million data files have been uploaded to the Norwegian national geoscience data repository, DISKOS, with data available for download by all project participants.

This project is the first of its kind attempted worldwide and is expected to pave the way for more widespread use of digital cuttings data and lay the foundation for the other large-scale national cuttings digitalisation projects with key applications in areas such as machine learning.

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