RockWash™ has developed an innovative method and apparatus (patent pending) for washing and documenting cuttings rock samples from oil & gas wells.


This automated and rapid process gives RockWash™ clients the opportunity to capture key lithological, stratigraphic and hole-condition data during the necessary sample cleaning process.

Furthermore, the related PhotoSTRAT™ service enables the delivery of critical litho-stratigraphic data in real-time (well-site based service) or near real-time (laboratory based service) to the client’s desktop.

Impressive “green credentials are central to the RockWash™ method and apparatus. This involves the filtration and recycling of utilised water, together with the recycling of all sediment by-products from the sample washing process.

Critically, RockWash™ provides a consistent cuttings cleaning process, enabling direct observation and documentation of lithological / stratigraphic boundaries in oil & gas wells.


A clean & consistent cuttings PhotoSTRAT - delivered directly to your desktop.