RockWash has developed and continues to develop it's technology in order to provide expert sample preparation services to both the service sector and the operating sector of the oil & gas industry.

The company licenses it's technology to strategic partners in order to develop the RockWash services around the world. We are looking forward to a period of sustained growth with our business partners, as the significant benefits of automated sample preparation become aparent to the client companies.


a. RockWash MkII machine

b. RockWash Real-time MkI machine (well-site)

c. PhotoSTRATâ„¢ software

d. PhotoSTRAT multi-client studies

Newfoundland and Labrador Rock Atlas Brochure (PDF)



For sales requests, please contact Mike Snape: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING  or telephone +44 (0)7947 046699