RockWash to Expand Oil & Gas Services through

Schlumberger Agreement

Caerphilly, South Wales, UK - 12th September 2012


RockWash Prep & Store Ltd. (RockWash) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Schlumberger to expand its RockWash and PhotoSTRAT services to the oil and gas industry. Schlumberger will provide investment and international expertise to future RockWash operations around the world.

RockWash has successfully developed a unique automated rock-sample washing and photographic process (patent pending), enabling its clients to gain a higher level of primary geological information from their well samples. The RockWash process is particularly effective in the rapid cleaning and standardised photo-documentation of ditch-cuttings samples (rock chippings), providing basic yet fundamental geological data in an easily accessible form. This enhanced sample data in-turn forms the basis for better informed well-bore evaluation and improved selection of subsequent technical services.

RockWash is a small independent private company based in Caerphilly, S Wales, UK, which was established in 2010. RockWash has a clear objective to revolutionise the treatment, the use and the value of ditch-cuttings samples from oil and gas wells, from both new wells and from older archive wells alike. The automation of the RockWash process is central to the business, in which speed, consistency and environmental factors provide significant benefits. The RockWash process provides a step-change in the treatment of ditch-cuttings samples for oil & gas companies in the future.

Dr Mike Snape (Managing Director, RockWash) commented: “We are obviously delighted with having a company of the stature of Schlumberger invest in RockWash, allowing us to accelerate into new business areas where we believe we can make a significant difference for our clients. We are very much focused on delivering enhanced photo-visualisation of wellbore geology from both new and previously existing well samples.”

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